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Japanese Dinners

Enjoy authentic recipes to savor

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Lunch Buffet

Our lunch buffet served daily 11am to 2pm, offers a good variety of popular entrees with favorite appetizers and soups. We also try to include a couple special dishes and sushi roll choices so you can sample new tastes that will keep you coming back for more! We pride ourselves on consistency and value.


We offer authentic, traditional and contemporary varieties of sushi including raw, cooked and vegetarian as well as a large selection of American-sytle rolls. Presentation, fresh ingrediants, and appealing taste combinations have earned sushi a devoted following. Experience sushi at Tempura House (pictured: Mango roll).


At Tempura House, we strive to offer a family friendly restaurant with attentive service and personalized touches that add character, comfort, and enjoyment to your dining experience. We hope you enjoy our handpainted wall artwork and relaxing atmosphere.

Authentic Cuisine

Our main menu offers soups, appetizers, a large selection of Chinese dining options and we proudly recommend our classic House Specialties with recipes that have made us an area favorite restaurant for generations (pictured: Lemon Chicken).

We also offer Japanese cuisine and a special Sushi/Sashimi menu.

Sushi Bar

Our casual Sushi bar area where you can meet friends for a drink and watch our masters prepare fresh sushi rolls.

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*Indicates Hot and Spicy

Yakisoba -Noodles w/ Japanese Mixed Vegetable Sauce
100. Chicken Yakisoba $8.75
101. Beef Yakisoba $8.75
102. Pork Yakisoba $8.75
103. Shrimp Yakisoba $8.95
103.1 Vegetable Yakisoba $8.25
103.2 Mixed Yakisoba $8.95

Donburi -Stir Fried w/ Onion, Sweet Wine & Soy Sauce over Rice
104. Chicken Donburi $9.25
105. Beef Donburi $10.95

Hibachi Chicken and shrimp
Hibachi -w/ Vegetable, Garlic Butter, Soy Sauce & Wine Flavoring on Sizzling Hot Plate  
106.1 Hibachi Vegetable $8.50
106. Hibachi Chicken $9.95
107. Hibachi Beef -Sliced Beef $10.95
108. Hibachi Chicken & Shrimp (pictured right) $11.50
109. Hibachi Beef & Shrimp $11.50
110. Hibachi Salmon $15.95
111. Hibachi Shrimp $12.95
112. Hibachi Steak 8oz. N.Y Strip $14.95
113. Hibachi Shrimp & Scallops $16.95
114. Hibachi Lobster & Shrimp $16.95
115. Hibachi Seafood Combination -Shrimp, Scallops & Lobster $18.50

Sukiyaki -Sukiyaki sauce w/ Vegetable, Rice Noodle & Bean Curd
116. Sukiyaki Vegetable $8.50
117. Sukiyaki Chicken $9.50
118. Sukiyaki Beef $10.50

Katsu -Breaded & Deep Fried. Served w/ Mixed Vegetable Katsu Sauce
119. Chicken Katsu $11.95
120. Beef & Chicken Katsu $11.95
121. Beef Katsu $11.95
122. Shrimp & (Beef or Chicken) Katsu $13.95
123. Shrimp Katsu $13.95
124. Shrimp & Scallop Katsu $15.95
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